What are the options?

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One of the biggest challenges to any Joomla or WordPress site is eCommerce.  Finding the right Joomla eCommerce solution or WordPress eCommerce solution can require many hours of research.  Not every eCommerce package offers that unique setup that may be just what you need to open your on-line store.

 eCommerce packages come in two different types:
1.)  Commercial. These are packages that tend to provide the most common options like Merchant Services, Shipping and easy shopper check-out.

2.) Non-Commercial (or Free). Packages that are free tend to cost you the most unless you are a skilled developer.  Most of the time you need to paid for addons like PayPal or other Merchant Service gateways and different shipping options like UPS, FedX or USPS.

There are many packages available for both Joomla and WordPress including standalone packages like Magento that can be integrated into any solution.

We have worked with all the popular and not so popular ecommerce packages. We can help you make the right choice to start with.
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