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We specialize in helping others install and configure IJoomla's JomSocial Social Network application.

jomsocial intergrationJomSocial is a powerful Social Network Plateform that runs within Joomla. JomSocial offers unique features that keep your members coming back.
JomSocial is highly interactive, where you may "like" or leave a comment on the on other members content or gallery.

JomSocial has an amazing and easy to use Photo Gallery that is fun and interactive. Upload dozens of images in a sling action. Drag and Drop to the Upload screen and JomSocials powerful HTML-5 uploader will automatically queue your photos

JomSocial offers upgrade apps such as Full-featured Video that allows you to directly upload or share your videos that are from other Video Sharing websites.

Let your community members know what is happening with JomSocial's powerful Event Manager. This powerful application is great for clubs and organizations that what to keep there members up to date with club events.

JomSocial's API allows developers to extend the power and functionality of JomSocial. You can choose from over two hundered plugins to customize your community website.
Connect your community site with Facebook connect. Increase your signup rate with Facebook Connect and allow your members to use their facebook advatrs while allowing users to pubish their status back to Facebook.

You can't find a better, low cost method out there than the use of JomSocial to bring large numbers of visitors to your site.

Do you sell a product or service? Or do you publish content for ad revenue? With Social Media or a social site of your own, you will start to make your business profitable.

When it comes to Social Media, there are three kinds of individuals. There are the ones who don't know much about it, or have not even looked into social media; and there are the ones who know about it, yet feel that it has no benefit for their own use or that of their company; and then there are the ones that embrace it completely and use social media to their full advantage.  The question is:  "Which one are you?"

Today’s CRM software makes it easier than ever to start and run your own Facebook-style website. I can help you build your own social network with your own logos, graphics and themes. You can customize the look of your community through CSS edits; or you can use the included templates to get your community up and running in no time.

Create unlimited special-interest groups and manage them all easily. Add more members to your groups by inviting your friends, or hide any group you wish to with our unique Privacy Settings.

Give use a call today and start your own facebaook!