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Judd Boyer Designs specializes in Joomla and WordPress business website design for clients that need and require a very high degree of Internet visibility.

Choosing us as your Web Design  professional will be one of the best decisions you could ever make in regards to marketing your business on the Internet.

We enjoy the position we are in as being one of the NW's leading Joomla  and WordPress CMS web design  firms, and that we have the knowledge and experience to effectively position our clients where they need to be....at the top!

What is an Optimized Web Design?

A web design that is highly developed with regards to the semantic coding and content that is written for both the search engines and your web visitors is considered optimized.

optimized web designWhen we start a web design project there are a few things that are addressed prior to actually starting your website.

Prior to starting any web development project that requires a high degree of visibility on the Internet it is prudent to determine who your target audience is. This is determined by the products or services offered by your company.

After determining who your target audience is, finding the right keyword and keyword phrase research that will deliver quality traffic to your site. Quality web traffic is prospective customers that are actually needing the products or services that you offer and are seeking out information on the Internet.

Once your target audience and relative keywords and keyword phrases are determined the development process is started-your web design is constructed around the keyword phrases that will deliver quality web traffic.

Optimized web design involves a great deal more than sprinkling around a few keywords!

Optimized website design and SEO involves utilizing search engine optimization practices that have been proven to gain favor of the organic search engines when they rank a website in regards to position for a given keyword phrase.

After determining the keyword phrases we want to target on the Internet the entire website is developed around those phrases in both content and semantic coding. Each and every page of the site is scrutinized for relativity and the following areas of a web page are written and optimized.

  •     Page Titles
  •     Meta Description
  •     Meta Keywords
  •     H-tags
  •     Content
  •     Internal Linking strategy
  •     Menu's
  •     Optimize Images

This is a  simplified overview of the process of optimizing a web site of the Internet. The intention is  to outline the areas of web design that is addressed in our design process as it applies to developing a highly optimized website that is intended to rank extremely high in the organic search engines.

 If you are in need of a Joomla or WordPress web designer,  give us a call and let us see what we can do to get you the Internet traffic you require.
Wheather we build you a new site from the ground up, or work on your extesting site, optimized web design is the first step in taking the lead in your industry on the Internet.