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Joomla and WordPress Website Repair

Joomla and WordPress Website Repair services include but is not limited too: Joomla and WordPress shopping cart repair, Merchant Credit Card Services set-up & troubleshooting, payment solutions, customizing WordPress themes, customizing Joomla themes, WordPress repair, Joomla repair, data back-ups, database repair, data recovery plans, SSL installations, affiliate programs, custom software solutions, website upgrades, hacked Joomla sites, hacked WordPress sites, website hosting and email support.
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  • website-repair-stressJoomla Install, Setup & Repair
  • WordPress Install, Setup & Repair
  • Online Data Back Up
  • Professional Email Hosting
  • Online Forms
  • Website Upgrades
  • Database Administration
  • e-Commerce Payment Solutions
  • Shopping Cart Repair
  • Content Management Systems
  • Web Hosting
  • 3rd Party Application Integration
  • SSL Certificates
  • CSS Customization